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Accepted Students Will Be Notified Electronically

New Student Application

  • You are a first time student at Suffolk and want to enroll (matriculate) into a program.
  • You took courses from Suffolk while in high school and wish to enroll (matriculate) into a program.
  • You took courses at Suffolk but never matriculated into a program.
  • You would like to take an online class or explore an online degree program.

Learn more about opportunities for new students.

Transfer Student Application

  • You attended another college after high school and want to transfer into a program at Suffolk.

Learn more about transferring to Suffolk.

International Student Application

  • You want to apply or transfer to Suffolk from another U.S. school as an international student and will be requesting an F-1 Student Visa or F-1 Status.

Learn more about applying as an International Student.

Non-Degree Application

  • You want to take a class or two without enrolling into a program.

Learn more about taking classes at Suffolk

Readmission or Returning to Suffolk

  • You were enrolled (matriculated) in a program but have not been enrolled for two or more consecutive semesters.
  • You graduated from Suffolk and want to reapply to a new program.

Learn more about returning to Suffolk

Change to a Restricted Program (matriculated students)

Submit your Request to Change to a Restricted Program

Change to a Non-Restricted Program (matriculated students)

  • You are enrolled in a program and want to change to another program that is non-restricted.

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