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President McKay

Concurrent Enrollment at Suffolk County Community College

By Dr. Shaun L. McKay, President

Suffolk County Community College's Excelsior Program is a concurrent enrollment program that allows high school juniors and seniors to take the College's courses at their high school campus during their regular school hours, while simultaneously working toward high school graduation. College credits earned through the Excelsior Program can be applied toward high school graduation and accepted at the College or transferred to a multitude of other colleges and universities. Enrollment in an Excelsior Program course generates an official college academic transcript for each student. Acceptance of credit for college-level course work is under the domain of the receiving colleges and universities.

The program is designed to provide curricular opportunity and enhancement of the college experience, but not its replacement. Therefore, students may enroll in no more than 30 college credits earned through the Excelsior Program.  

Education provides the pathway toward building strong families, vibrant communities and skilled workers. As a comprehensive community college, Suffolk County Community College sees its primary purpose as providing access to high quality, cost-effective educational experiences that are designed to improve career prospects and enhance the quality of life here on Long Island.